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Office Hours: Tuesday 10am- 12pm, Thursday 10am- 12pmSaturday 10am-2pm By Appointment Only

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We allow you to exchange 10 items (clothes or shoes) for a cost of $5. If you need to exchange more than that, you are welcome to for $5 per each 10 pieces of clothing. We carry and accept sizes Newborn to size 10 Years.

Our price structure:

1-10 items: $5

11-20 items: $10

21-30 items: $15

31-40 items: $20

41-50 items $25 and so on....

If you have over 100 items to exchange please let us know in advance.

We only allow you to exchange a max of 50 items for each child per appointment.

You are allowed 1 appointment each month.


PLEASE NOTE, (What Not to Bring):

-All pajamas must be submitted as a full set. We will not accept just tops or bottoms.

-Gerber brand Onesies, Sandy & Simon, Baby Gear and Duck Duck Goose will not be accepted.

-Newborn style wrap shirts will not be accepted.

-Out of date clothing, (clothes 10 years or older) will not be accepted.

-Souvenir shirts, personalized shirts, or clothes with school insignia will not be accepted.

-Used underwear will not be accepted.

Please make sure all clothing is washed and in good condition.

Please take the time to go through your clothes prior to your appointment and disgard any stained clothing.

Good Condition is recognized as: 

Clothes without stains, tears, fading, pilling, stretched out or any other too worn appearance. 


Please make sure not to bring in any baby clothes with formula staining. The best way to detect this is by looking at your clothes in natural lighting, but not directly in the sun.


Please be sure none of your clothes are inside out. (So our volunteers don't have to spend time turning them right side out to check them) Bonus Points for separating your boys from your girl clothes. =)

Please be sure you only take clothing 2 sizes bigger than the size you are bringing in. This rule is KEY to our not running out of the larger sizes. 

We will make an exception and let you take 3 sizes larger in the following cases:

-You need size 9 months. (Not all brands make this size so we never have very many of them. In this case you are allowed to jump to size 12 months.

-We are low on the particular size you need. We will allow you to go up one size to help you get the clothes you need.

For example: 

You CAN bring size 6 months and get size 12 months. 

You CAN bring size 2t and get size 4t.

You CAN NOT bring in size 6 months and get size 5t.

You CAN bring in size 2t girls and get size 6 months boys for your other child. 

If your child has a bunch of baby clothes they haven't worn for years we would be happy to accept them as a donation if they do not qualify to exchange for the size you currently need. :)

We will also accept any baby gear or toys for donation only.

Because not everyone has clothes to exchange, we do allow purchases of the clothing in our program. Nothing is over $3. The following is the price structure for purchases.

Newborn- 18 months:

Onesies, Tops and bottoms (excluding items listed below) $1

Dresses, Boys dress shirts, Sweaters/Jackets, Jeans, Overalls, Cargo pants. $2

24 months/2T- 12 Years:

Tops and bottoms (excluding items listed below) $2

Dresses, Boys dress shirts, Sweaters/Jackets, Jeans, Overalls, Cargo pants. $3

Please let us know if there are any questions.

We are open the following days.

Tuesday's: 10am- 12pm

Thursday's: 10am-12pm

Saturday's: 10am-2pm

By Appointment Only.

We are located at 1090 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. #F Long Beach, Ca 90806

This is the corner of Lemon/PCH. We are upstairs. There is no elevator access.

We also have a separate area in our shop for purchases only. 

Here we sell gently used Maternity clothes, baby gear, toys and books. We also sell new w/tag clothing. If you would like an appt to shop in that department you would need to contact Yliana at 

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